Join the Neami Research and Evaluation Committee

Neami has a Research Committee to oversee its research agenda. The main function of the Committee is to assist Neami in deciding which research projects we should undertake and to also ensure any project is successfully completed.

Our primary interest in conducting research is to better understand and support improvements in mental health and wellbeing for consumers. An important function of the committee is to ensure safe, ethical, and beneficial projects are undertaken in a manner which is respectful and considerate of consumers at all times.

Your knowledge and experience as a consumer of mental health services can help to inform decisions about current and future research and evaluation projects. You may have an interest or prior research and evaluation experience that you would also like to bring to this role.

Membership on the Committee is for a two year period and is a paid position. Current members on the Committee include Neami consumers, staff, and others from various academic institutions. Membership activities include:

  • Attendance (in person or via teleconference) up to four times a year at a meeting in Head Office in Melbourne
  • Reading meeting documents prior to meeting
  • Preparing advice and feedback in relation to agenda items

Support around understanding the meeting content and documents will be provided to you by the Research Coordinator and the Research Officer. If you do not live in Melbourne where the meetings are held, you may be required to join the meetings online rather than travelling to Melbourne in person. Support around accessing and using the online meeting system will be available to you in these instances.

Selection criteria for successful applicants
  • Be a current active Neami Consumer for last 6 months
  • Have experience and/or interest in research and evaluation
  • Be able to communicate, participate in meetings and learn new skills
How to apply
  • Put together a written application (up to one page) that covers the selection criteria. Feel free to discuss this with your support worker if you require assistance from them.
  • Email your application to Sarah O’Connor at
  • Closing date for applications is Friday 13th April 2018.
To discuss this opportunity please contact

If you have any enquiries contact:

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