Kirra Johnson is Senior Manager of Business Opportunities and Development

Kirra has been working at Neami since 2005 and is now Senior Manager Business Opportunities and Development. This new position is a reflection of Neami’s proactive, future-focused approach. As we grow, expand and adapt to a new environment, Kirra’s role is to support Neami by looking at new opportunities.

"It’s about being proactive and prepared, so rather than just being reactive when a tender lands in the inbox, we’re looking at what the future holds and getting prepared for it.. We’re aware of how the funding models will be different into the future. It’s not just going to be block funding that we renew every three years.  We’re in the process of reassessing how we prepare ourselves for the evolving environment.

We look at new opportunities in terms of our strategic directions. It’s about where we want to grow, geographically and strategically in terms of the types of services we want to deliver. We look at our capacity to deliver quality services, because we want to work in areas that we’re excited about and can do really well. We want to look to the future.

Neami’s been amazing for career development. I’ve gone through several different types of roles and positions. Over the last 11 years there have been so many opportunities to engage with, and the organisation really supports people to do that. I’ve also done some study, which Neami has supported. I feel like I’ve been on a huge journey these last 11 years, and that’s why I’m still here."

Focusing on new opportunities for Neami – I think it’s a really exciting place to be in the organisation.