June O'Connor services transition to Neami
June O'Connor transitions to Neami

Following a thorough due diligence and transition process the June O’Connor Centre (JOC) and Neami National (Neami) merged on 01 July2017, with JOC becoming part of Neami.

The Board of Directors and Leadership Teams of both organisations believe such a transition will be a terrific outcome for the improved sustainability of both organisations and for the breadth of opportunities this will open up to JOC clients, their families and the metropolitan Perth community.

Neami WA State Manage Glen James said, "during the transition, continuity of care for JOC clients has been our prime focus, and we are thrilled that all JOC staff have now been successfully transitioned to Neami employment contracts – providing certainty in regard to the maintenance of staff employment arrangements, and the flow-on effects for clients has contributed to the success of this merger." 

The timing of this merger coincides with the shared 30th anniversary of both organisations. Arthur Papakotsias, Neami CEO said, "We are excited about aligning a combined 60 years of commitment to delivering high quality services. We believe that the shared values and vision of our two organisations will help to ensure a smooth transition as we look towards the future."

You can find the former JOC services via our Service Finder. Contact details, referral pathways and eligibility for all Neami services are available from each service profile.

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