Translating best practice into reality
TheMHS 2015

This year’s TheMHS 2015 conference is based on the idea of turning best practice into reality. Neami National are proud to be gold sponsors.

This conference is a chance for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, consumers and carers to come together and discuss the latest evidence and innovations in mental health.

For the team at Neami, we value TheMHS because research and evaluation plays a critical role in the way we support people in their recovery.

This starts with the service model we use, the Collaborative Recovery Model, and extends to a range of service innovations like the Peer Health Coaching project with SANE Australia; our newly developed Quality, Safety and Clinical Governance Framework; and our key role in developing new services covering sub-acute and respite support, outreach to remote Aboriginal communities and centralised intake assessment in Victoria.


Neami papers and presentations

Listed here are the papers and presentations from Neami staff, co-authored or co-presented with partners and consumers. For more information or to contact the presenters call or send an email to the research team.


Centralised intake assessment in the community mental health support sector - making services more accessible?
Phil Watson

Looking into what has been learned from the implementation of the new Victorian MHCSS intake assessment service and how it assists in better connecting consumers with services.

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Consumer participation and leadership - from rhetoric to reality
Paula Kelly, Julie Anderson

Co-designed with consumers, the consumer participation framework articulates a strategy that builds capacity for consumer learning and leadership to challenge attitudes and increase workers’ understanding of how participation can move beyond the “us and them” space.

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Co-designing a sustainable living program for people living with a mental illness
Amy Piesse, Paula Kelly

Discussion on the inspiration to adopt a co-design approach and the consumer perspective on ecotherapy as well as the benefits of ecotherapy and co-design more broadly.

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Integrating Crisis Respite Services - Residential and Home-based in South Australia’s stepped mental health system
Kim Holmes, John Strachan

Delivered through a partnership approach between Neami and SA Health, this presentation will assist participants who are interested in innovation, new pathways to care & service delivery implementation.

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Flourishing - empowering consumers to minimise chronic disease risk factors and better manage their health through peer health coaching
Katie Peters, Kerry Stringer, Catriona Bastian

Explore a new direction in the peer workforce and the creative techniques that helped to develop better physical health among staff and consumers.

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Clinical governance in a recovery oriented service
Adam Zimmermann

The importance of having a Clinical Governance Framework and how clinical governance components and key principles have been adopted within Neami, a community mental health organisation.

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Building a flourishing mental health service - implementing and evaluating a framework for mental health services based on personal experiences of recovery, applied positive psychology and transformational coaching practices
Keren Wolstencroft, Frank Deane, Andrew Clarke

The experiences of the researchers and leaders who have been involved in implementing the Collaborative Recovery Model as a framework for practice across Neami. The experiences of researchers and consumers who led and participated in a recent evaluation of the model.

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Sunrise Health Project - establishing a community mental health support service in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory
Deb Bryant and Geoffrey Lohmeyer

The story of a partnership Neami and Sunrise Health, working together to establish a mental health support service in remote Northern Territory.


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The PIR experience of coordination - what works and why
Tanya Miller

Examine key observations from the PIR program that can guide best practice service coordination in the future

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The Neami Health Prompt - ‘a good reminder of things I need to see the doctor about’
Rebecca Meldrum

A focus on qualitative data derived from the formal evaluation of the Neami Health Prompt, consumer experience and perspective of physical health screening, and the efficacy of this resource as a tool to support conversations about health.

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