Contribute to the evidence base
Conducting research at Neami

Neami seeks to be involved in high quality, ethical research and evaluation that translates to improved services and better outcomes for consumers.

We require all projects to align with our vision, mission, strategic directions, research principles and our research focus areas.

Research at Neami aims to contribute to the evidence base for:

  • preventing mental ill-health and mental illness,
  • improving the mental health and wellbeing of individuals living with mental illness, particularly those with complex needs,
  • supporting full citizenship for people living with mental illness
  • improving mental health and wellbeing in local communities

The Research and Evaluation Committee to approves and support research and evaluation.

The Neami Research and Evaluation Committee

Neami has a Research and Evaluation Committee to approve and support research and evaluation. This is not a fully constituted Human Ethics Committee but it plays an important role in the direction and oversight of research and evaluation activities at Neami.

The Committee draws on the following in considering Neami’s involvement in the conduct of projects:

  • Research and evaluation activities are conducted in a way that is safe, respectful and ethical, underpinned by notions of consumer involvement and human rights
  • Maximal consumer involvement in the conceptualisation, design, planning, conduct and dissemination of projects
  • Alignment with current organisational priorities and strategic directions
  • Projects hold direct relevance for consumers of Neami National, and inform the what, how and why of our approaches to service delivery
  • That Neami National has the required resources, systems, and structures to effectively facilitate projects

The Committee is co-chaired by the Neami Chief Executive Officer and a consumer representative, and typically comprises 9-12 members, including Neami staff and consumers, external acadmic and consumer researchers.

To learn more about the Committee, read the Neami Research and Evaluation Framework below

Applying to undertake research at Neami

If you are interested in undertaking a research project at Neami, download and read the Neami Research and Evaluation Framework to ensure that your project aligns with Neami’s priorities.

You will need to complete and submit the Neami Research Application Form.

If you like to discuss your project, or have any questions, please contact the Research Coordinator.