Knowing what works
Research and evaluation

Research at Neami includes the process of finding, selecting, using and producing evidence to support decisions related to our service delivery.

Evaluation aims to improve programs and services by identifying where we can make changes by asking questions like:

  • Does the program or service work?
  • How well is it working?
  • What could be done to make it work better?
Why we do research and evaluation

We want to better understand:

  • what people want and need to support their recovery and improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • how mental health services can contribute to people living lives based on their strengths, values and goals
  • how our services impact on people’s lives and recovery process
  • how we can better meet peoples’ needs through improvements and innovation 

Neami prioritises research and evaluation activities with direct and practical application to our delivery of services.

To can learn more about Neami’s research and evaluation priorities in our Research and Evaluation Framework (PDF 208KB).

Current research projects

Neami conducts and participates in a range of research and evaluation projects, including these current research and evaluation projects:

Kick the Habit: Trialling a new approach to supporting people to reduce or quit smoking.

Neami are undertaking this study to explore the effectiveness of a program that has been developed to support people living with mental health difficulties to reduce or quit smoking. We are partnering with leading epidemiological researchers from the University of Western Australia to undertake this project.

‘Understanding What Matters’ in Youth Residential Recovery Services (YRRS)

In partnership with Orygen National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Neami is undertaking an exciting research project to identify what’s important to young people and other key stakeholders who have a direct interest in the operation of the Youth Residential Recovery Services.

Supported Decision Making Project

A recent Monash University and University of Melbourne Australian Research Council joint interdisciplinary project investigated and supported the rights, agency and self-determination of people in the mental health system. Neami is a partner in the project.

Go to the Supported Decision Making Project website

Participating in research

Neami prioritises consumer participation in all aspects of research and evaluation activities. You can participate in research by:

Helping to design projects

We consult with people who use our services on the design and methods used in projects.

Participating in projects

People who use our services can choose to directly participate in projects e.g. completing surveys, interviews, focus groups, telephone surveys, face-to-face interviews or questionnaires.

Carrying out research

People with a personal experience of recovery are at times employed to undertake research activities e.g. conduct interviews

If you are interested in participating in research and evaluation projects contact our research coordinator.

Conducting research at Neami

Neami seeks to be involved in high quality, ethical research and evaluation that translates to improved services and better outcomes for consumers.

We require all projects to align with our vision, mission, strategic directions, research principles and our research priority focus areas. The Neami Research and Evaluation Committee reviews all project proposals.

Conducting research at Neami


Where can I get more information?

For information about our research or to enquire about doing research with us contact our research coordinator.



Pictured: Members of the Neami research committee