Improve your wellbeing
Optimal Health Program

The Optimal Health Program (OHP) is a Recovery Oriented Practice based Program.

OHP is a self efficacy building program that supports people to engage in wellbeing planning. It is aimed at supporting them to achieve their optimal health in keeping with the key principles of personal recovery and that optimal health is self defined and self directed.

OHP considers the balance of your social, emotional, mental, physical, occupational and spiritual needs. It provides tools to help set your own priorities and then work towards progress in your chosen area

The Optimal Health Program helps you improve your wellbeing in a holistic way. 

About The Optimal Health Program

Developed by Frameworks for Health at St Vincent’s Health Melbourne, the Optimal Health Program draws on various theories and practices:

  • Collaborative therapy
  • Wellbeing coaching
  • PERMA wellbeing model
  • Stress vulnerability model
  • Strengths-based approach
  • Self-concordance theory
  • Solution-focused thinking
  • Resilience activation.

These collectively create the “I Can Do Model” to facilitate the development of three health plans so that the participant can navigate optimal health, sub optimal health and episodes of illness for self.  

Benefits of the program

The Optimal Health Program is the result of research to develop a self-management program promoting hope, growth and partnership.

Previous participants have reported benefits including:

  • Prevention of acute illness and relapse
  • Less time spent in hospital and acute health services
  • Greater confidence in managing your wellbeing
  • Improved use of collaborative partners and supports.

You must be a current consumer of Neami to participate in the Optimal Health Program. Please speak to your support worker or local service site if you are interested in taking part.