Achieve positive change

Flourish is a recovery focused self-development program designed for people who have lived with a mental illness for some time and who are looking to make improvements in their life.

The principle of Flourish is that you decide on your own recovery goals that align with your personal strengths and values. 

The aim of the program is to motivate and equip people with the tools necessary to achieve positive changes within their lives.

The Flourish program is peer facilitated and builds on the principles of the Collaborative Recovery Model.

Flourish is delivered over a 12 week period with fortnightly group meetings and personal coaching sessions between meetings.

Some of the topics covered in Flourish include:

  • What does recovery mean to you?
  • Identifying your strengths and values
  • Setting your life vision
  • Mapping your goals and pathways to achieving them
  • Recognising barriers to achieving your goals and overcoming these
  • Practicing gratitude and living in the present to optimise the positive changes you wish to make.

Flourish is mostly delivered to current consumers of Neami services. In some places it is available to members of the public.


Please speak to your support worker or local service site if you are interested in taking part.