Healthy and sustainable eating
Eat Plant Learn

Eat Plant Learn was developed by our Sustainability Team, in collaboration with the Health Promotion Team and a working group of staff and consumers.

It offers a range of opportunities for people to engage in sustainable activities that are relevant to their recovery goals. One such initiative is Eat Plant Learn.

It consists of seven workshops on healthy and sustainable eating, including sessions on making your own wicking garden box, growing herbs, and learning to cook with fresh ingredients.

We ran 22 Eat Plan Learn sessions from August 2013 to June 2014, with 160 consumers completing the program. 

What people are saying about Eat, Plant, Learn

‘Before the program I knew nothing about growing my own food so it was a new thing for me. It was great learning how to grow plants with the support of Neami staff and other people because I felt like I was part of a group. There were about seven of us doing Eat Plant Learn and we went step-by-step together’

– Consumer comment

‘The design of the wicking garden boxes we made was very good and makes watering and caring for the plants easy. It was interesting to learn about different plants like coriander. I have coriander and tomatoes in my wicking boxes at home now. I like plants and I learnt a lot. Now I want to learn more.

The good thing about it was that after making the gardening boxes and planting the seedlings, we cooked a meal together at a community kitchen and made different things with the herbs we had grown. I thought it was going to be hard but it was easy using the ingredients. It was really good.’

– Consumer comment

‘Eat Plant Learn is the first time some consumers have done such a hands-on practical program and have asked to come back and do it all again. We got a lot of positive feedback about the program, including thank you letters.’

– Staff comment

'Before the program I knew nothing about growing my own food so it was a new thing for me. It was great learning how to grow plants'
Consumer comment