Training to support Consumer Participation
Launching Pad

Launching Pad is a Consumer Participation skills development program. Launching Pad offers consumers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills, as well as building confidence to prepare for a range of consumer participation opportunities. 

Launching Pad aligns with Neami National’s Consumer Participation Strategy, as outlined in the Consumer Participation Framework document, and aims to enhance the development of consumer participation at Neami National by building consumer participation capacity. 

The program runs for 4 days and delivers innovative and core training that will benefit any consumers interested in expanding their knowledge and skills for the more strategic (and formal) side of consumer participation at Neami National - such as participating in working parties, consultations and on staff recruitment panels.  The training also explores broader opportunities for consumer participation beyond Neami National. 

For consumers who are new to consumer participation in its more formal sense, the program supports them to make informed choices about whether or not they want to participate at a systems level, whilst providing them with useful training and resources on topics such as rights; the history of the consumer/survivor movement; the nature of consumer-run services and resources (both internationally and in Australia) and more. 

Potential benefits for consumers of completing Launching Pad training

  • Access to more opportunities for consumer participation and representation work within Neami National
  • Increased awareness of resources and opportunities for consumer participation in your State
  • Increased confidence and sense of personal empowerment
  • History of the consumer/survivor movement
  • Understanding consumer participation
  • Neami National’s Consumer Participation Policy and Framework
  • What it means to work from a ‘consumer perspective’
  • Understanding consumer representation and responsibilities
  • Introduction to committee terms, processes and roles
  • Using rights and policy frameworks for effective systems advocacy
  • Consumer participation opportunities in Western Australia
  • Researching information and resources
  • Neami National recruitment panel training
For more information

Consumers can contact your Neami key worker for enrolment details or for further information about Launching Pad contact our Launching Pad trainer

‘Launching Pad consumers have shown a lot of interest in developments at Neami National regarding the strategic planning for consumer participation into the future.’
Sandy, Neami Training Officer