The role of carers in recovery
Carers and families

Carers and family play an important role in supporting people in their mental health journeys. We work to develop our services so that carers feel resourced and supported by Neami, to undertake their role - to be there as a carer.

Understanding the role of carers and families

We define carers and families as people who have an interest in a person’s wellbeing, who are affected by their illness or provide support to them at times of need. 

Carers do not need to be a blood relative and can include parents, children, siblings, spouses, friends, neighbours and others in a consumers life. 

We believe that:

  • Recovery occurs within an environment with carers and families. Carers can provide useful information to support consumers’ recovery work.

  • Having a strong network of support, aids recovery so working with carers and consumers together will lead to better outcomes.

  • Carers have a right to be included in the work that occurs between a staff member and the individual as it will have an impact on their life as well.

  • Carers and families experience changes in their lives when a family member becomes unwell and may also need some support.

  • Carers bring their understanding and experience of being with the individual when they are well and unwell into the therapeutic process and might have some ideas on what may be useful moving forward.

Working with carers and families

Our work with carers focuses on four areas; drawn from consultations with carers, consumers and staff as well as academic research. We can support carers to link into services that will enhance their wellbeing and, with consumers consent, to be involved in the work with the consumers.Our focus areas for working with carers and families are:

  • Continuing to improve and be creative with ways to involve carers.

  • Ensuring that carers and service users are clear about how we involve carers and what services we offer.

  • Making an effort to contact, educate and listen to carers’ needs.

  • Ensuring that staff feel confident and capable working with carers.

Carers Rights and Responsibilities
What does this mean for carers?

As an organisation, we make an active effort to build upon ways to better provide information to carers and include them in our day-to-day work. 

We are also providing more opportunities for carers and consumers to get involved in shaping the way we provide services so that we best meet the consumers’ needs.

Other supports for carers

There are a number of useful state and national organisations as well as resources to support carers.

Useful supports for carers

Find out more

Consumers can speak to their support worker for more information about the role of carers in their recovery.

For more information on the role of carers at Neami you can contact our Innovation and Projects team.

It’s not something that you take on for a week, a month; it’s a commitment. However, you do it out of love.
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