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Mental health recovery

The term ‘recovery’ is used to describe the journey someone with mental health issues takes from illness back to improved health and wellbeing in order to regain control over their lives.

Recovery is a personal thing and is different for each person. It can mean living with or without symptoms and relapses.

We believe that everyone can live a good life based on their own values, strengths and goals. Our job is to walk beside and support each person’s recovery.

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The Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM)

The University of Wollongong developed the Collaborative Recovery Mode (CRM) based on research into what helps most when you are living with mental illness.

It is influenced by positive psychology, psychosocial rehabilitation principles, motivational interviewing and the stages of change model.

Neami chose to use this model because it fits our values and those of the recovery and consumer movements in Australia and overseas.

The application of the model varies from site to site depending on the nature of the work taking place, however, all Neami National’s services are expected to deliver services consistent with the Guiding Principles and the Key Components of the CRM.

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Achieve positive change through Flourish

Flourish is a recovery-focused self-development program designed for people who have lived with mental health issues for some time and who are looking to make improvements in their life. The principle of this program is that you decide your own recovery goals and work towards them in alignment with your personal strengths and values.

The program is facilitated by peer support workers who have lived experience of mental health issues and recovery.


Improve your wellbeing with the Optimal Health Program (OHP)

The Optimal Health Program is a group program which helps you to improve your wellbeing. OHP considers the balance of social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs.

The Health Prompt helps you take control of your health

We use a resource called the Health Prompt to help guide conversations with you about a range of physical health issues. Health Prompt conversations assist in identifying the areas that are most important to you in regards to your physical health.

Health Prompt

Support for positive health changes with Peer Health Coaching

Peer health coaching involves a peer support worker providing coaching and support to an individual around their physical health. This extends the role of Neami staff with a lived experience of recovery into the critical area of physical health.

Our peer health coaching program is a partnership with SANE Australia.

Peer Health Coaching
Partnerships with Aboriginal communities

We work closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in all the areas we work and have a commitment to justice and self-determination for the first peoples of Australia. 

We have experience providing culturally appropriate and specialist support services in New South Wales and Victoria.

Partnerships with Aboriginal communities


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'It's not waiting for change, which I've been doing for years, it's creating change.'