House rules for Neami's social sites
Neami National's Social Media Guidelines

Neami runs social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Across all of them we encourage people to post, comment, share and help us create vibrant online communities focused around recovery, health and wellbeing.

We do have these moderate guidelines or ‘house rules’ for what is acceptable on these pages because it is important to us that these are always safe spaces for visitors and that they don’t lead to legal issues for us or our partners and that we minimise the potential for harm to members of these communities.

The following guidelines are in place across all our social media sites and will be enforced by our moderators regularly from 9am to 5pm AEST Monday to Friday and less often outside these hours.

We also rely on the community to help us, that means you! Please report anything that you feel is inappropriate and/or that breaches these guidelines as spam as soon as you can to help with this.

If someone breaches these guidelines, we will delete the material and contact the poster to explain why. We are happy to discuss the moderation of the site with people if they want to. The only exception to this is when we are unable to contact someone because of their privacy settings.

These sites are currently moderated by our Communications Team. Please email us at if you have any questions.



  • Try to be factual, relevant and current in the information you post and correct your own mistakes promptly where needed

  • Keep in mind the need to discuss mental health issues in a sensitive, thoughtful and caring way and to be mindful of others and that they might be reading your posts while feeling unwell

  • Be respectful of other people and their views – even if you don’t agree with them

  • Be aware of the privacy of yourself and others and that nothing you post online can be considered private and could be shared publically without your knowledge

  • Consider anything you post with respect to your employer and other important relationships


  • Post any of the following:
    • Personal attacks on any individual

    • Material that incites hatred, harrasses individuals/grops, is abusive, obscene or could reasonably be offensive to others

    • Material that violates state or federal laws, including content that is discriminatory, racist, homophobic or otherwise threatening

    • unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, racist, homophobic, threatening, obscene or could reasonably be offensive to others

    • Advertisements or other promotion of services or organisations

    • Material that infringes copyright or other intellectual property laws

    • Posts that name individuals or any personal details, including contact numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc – including your own

    • Material that could be thought of as professional advice, including on health and legal issues

    • Material that names medications or provides an opinion on the effectiveness of any health treatment

Posts that breach these rules will be deleted and people will be notified of the reason where possible. You can also view Facebook’s Principles at:

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy participating in Neami’s social media communities as much as we enjoy facilitating them.