What are our plans?
Strategic Directions 2014-17

Download the Strategic Directions 2014–17 (3Mb pdf)

Neami has seen a very significant rate of growth and development in the last decade. This is a direct result of our strong and effective service delivery work and a credit to our staff right across the country.

Each member of our team, whether they are in Darlinghurst or Darra, Port Adelaide or Perth, shares a common dedication and commitment to provide support that matches each person’s own values, strengths and goals in life.

Growth on this scale presents substantial risks to any organisation and it has been a priority for myself and my fellow board directors to ensure that our governance and organisational capacity develops along with the expansion of our services.

Current and past directors have created an organisation that attracts and holds onto the best people, invests in sound infrastructure and integrates continuous improvement and quality principles into everything we do.

We designed our five strategic directions for the three years ahead to further enhance our capacity to improve mental health and wellbeing across Australia. The strong focus on delivering services to people with complex needs and on innovation remain as the foundations of this plan.

You will notice an increased focus on shaping our internal culture and a more proactive engagement with our local communities around the country. We know that it is the quality of our organisational culture and the strength of our partnerships that will determine our future.

There is also a need to consolidate the growth we have seen so far and to reinforce our foundations as we grow into a larger, more complex and more effective service. Our National Leadership Team, comprising national and state managers, will review our workplan at the end of 2014. Progress will be monitored by this group and our board.

Stephen Brand