Welcome to our Annual Report – Reaching Out Moving Forward
Annual Report 2015/16

This year we have improved online access to our report, extending our reach, while also being mindful of resources and our environment. You can access a summary of this report online


This year’s Annual Report theme, ‘Reaching Out Moving Forward’ captures the organisational responses and capacity building strategies we’ve adopted to operate effectively and with agility in an environment of unprecedented socio-political and economic volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Our depth and maturity as an organisation is growing. Notwithstanding the uncertain environment, Neami has been successful; focusing on the impact that recovery has on the lives of consumers. We have expanded our service delivery options, improved outcomes for people experiencing mental illness, and have invested in infrastructure and technology with terrific results.

Across Australia, we have engaged positively with newly established Primary Health Networks. We are developing constructive relationships with the National Disability Insurance Agency as we participate in new markets as a registered specialist provider of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funded supports in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.

We have significantly invested in applying new business and service models to ensure viability as a quality NDIS provider, while maintaining our focus on quality as a leading specialist mental health provider, delivering a broader range of evidence-based recovery services.

A Board review of our strategic directions has sought to broaden the range of people we engage with, particularly people living in rural and remote communities or requiring preventive and clinical services. We see that reaching people in their communities and being able to scale the intensity of interventions to meet changing levels of need, will be crucial to successful service provision in the future.

We see this in our collaboration with clinical teams at the Cairns Community Care Unit and the recovery oriented clinical services delivered through a stepped care model in Southern Adelaide, funded by the Adelaide Primary Health Network.

We’re pleased to have seen the positive outcomes of our increased focus on early intervention and preventive services. Our residential Sub-acute and Crisis Respite services had a measurable impact in reducing demands on hospital emergency departments and inpatient services. The University of NSW Crisis Respite Evaluation has provided clear evidence of how this innovative model reduces hospital admissions. Further, the evidence from our Collaborative Recovery Model Fidelity Study and Sub-acute services evaluation demonstrate improved consumer outcomes.

We’re proud of the fact that Neami continues to be a place where people want to work, build a career and make a difference. We now employ over 800 people, and our staff engagement survey showed extraordinarily positive results on the attitude and commitment of our valued employees. Engaged staff are critical to the strength of the relationship between consumers and support workers, one of the cornerstones of a positive consumer experience. This is especially gratifying in a time of great change, testing staff resilience and organisational culture.

Our sponsorship of TheMHS, WAAMH and VICSERV conferences, partnerships with universities and our research enables us to continue to contribute to, inform and engage with the latest evidence based practice and leading innovative thinkers in mental health.

At a Board level, we farewell Remberto Rivera and Robert Bland, who joined us in 2008 and 2010 respectively. We acknowledge the great contribution both have made to the organisation. We welcome Fiona Nicholls who brings great expertise from the Federal Government and the mental health services sectors.

We are committed to diversifying, investing in the future and strategically positioning our organisation for what lies ahead. As an organisation, we continue to maintain high levels of integrity in what we do, and we believe our considerable capacity, economies of scale, our good reputation and strong partnerships will position us well for new opportunities.

We commend this report to you and would like to thank our staff, the people we support and all of our valued partners and funders who make this work possible.


Arthur Papakotsias

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Brand


‘Neami is built on adaptation, agility and innovation. We have established ourselves as an organisation that quickly gets programs up and running, knows the value of partnerships and has a proactive attitude.’
Jenny Hall, Neami National Chief Operating Officer