New brand identity for MHWA
An update regarding Mental Health and Wellbeing Australia

Mental Health and Wellbeing Australia Limited (MHWA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neami National was registered on the 3rd of August 2016 and was initially established to provide continuity of services to 270 mental health consumers in Barwon following the voluntary administration of Pathways, an NDIS provider based in Geelong. 

Following an extensive branding process I can now announce that ‘Me Well’ will be the new brand identity for MHWA. We look forward to officially launching this exciting new company identity through a series of planned events over the coming months. 

In terms of scope and function I would like to confirm that:

  • Neami National will remain strategically focused as a specialist mental health provider, and 
  • Me Well (a wholly owned subsidiary of Neami) will focus entirely as an NDIS provider at all levels.

Whilst the operational set-up of each company will be different, the mission and values of both companies will be the same.

It is our aim that Me Well NDIS operations will be phased-in nationally over the next three years. This will allow us to maintain continuity and support to consumers who are transitioning to NDIS service provision. We will continue with all of our existing partnership, contractual and funding commitments. State Managers will keep local stakeholders appraised of transition implementation plans and arrangements as they are progressed. 

These new arrangements will support Neami to retain a highly trained and skilled workforce to provide specialist expertise whilst allowing us to focus on developing the flexible operational systems required to deliver quality NDIS services through Me Well. 

Arthur Papakotsias 

CEO - Neami National 
CEO - Me Well

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