Links to Wellbeing offers tailored psychological interventions
Tailored mental health support through Links to Wellbeing

In South Australia, Neami is the lead agency in a consortium offering clinical support and psychological services for people across a broad spectrum of needs.

Called Links to Wellbeing the consortium draws its strength from an open collaboration between Neami, Uniting Care Wesley Bowden, Mind Australia and Skylight Mental Health (formerly Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia).




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Funded through the Adelaide Primary Health Network, Links to Wellbeing offers tailored psychological interventions using a stepped-care model to people in the central and southern metropolitan Adelaide. Interventions are tailored to meet a person's needs with a range of therapies offered by clinicians including several clinical interventions, and mindfulness.

Those using the service can self-refer or access it via their GP. The no cost service is comprised of six initial sessions, with a further six available if needed.

Links to Wellbeing also runs groups, including the Optimal Health Program (OHP), and offers an in-person and telephone after-hours service. The service also offers Suicide Prevention Services for people suitable for primary mental health care management.

The service is available for people aged 16 and over, with targeted pathways for:

  • Children and families
  • Women with perinatal depression or anxiety
  • People from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background
  • People living with serious illness
  • People who have self-harmed, attempted suicide or are at risk of suicide and
  • People who have a chronic and complex mental illness

Staff include experienced mental health clinicians such as Psychologists, Social Workers, and Mental Health Registered Nurses, with experience working in recovery-orientated settings.

 "My psychologist and I worked together on strategies that I could use when I was feeling anxious or angry. I didn't think I'd respond to a psychologist. I thought I was just too practical. But working with him has made me realise that it's really important to just breathe properly and to go out and smell the roses and do simple things."   - Consumer comment.

For more information, contact Linda Sims, Mental Health Clinical Lead.  

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