Neami in the news - Adelaide Zero Project
Reducing homelessness in Adelaide CBD

The article profiled the Adelaide Zero Project, which plans to achieve "functional zero", which means the number of people homeless would be no greater than available housing.

Adelaide Zero Project is run by the Don Dunstan Foundation in conjunction with a number of partners. The Zero Project plans were unveiled last week by Don Dunstan Foundation executive director David Pearson, who shared that the project would support approximately 120 people sleeping rough across the city to achieve its target by 2020.

Neami National SA State Manager, Kim Holmes was quoted in the article, sharing Neami's role in maintaining a list of people sleeping rough, which would enable live data to ensure that there's sufficient public housing available and reduce wait times for housing.

"There's nothing more important than people having a home and a place in our community," Ms Holmes said.

The Advertiser article is behind a paywall, but if you have access it can be read online here.

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