A unique approach to dual diagnosis
Recognition for Neami, Nexus and Monash University’s fresh approach to dual diagnosis

The 2017/18 summer edition of newparadigm features a summary of the collaborative research project between Neami, Nexus Dual Diagnosis Service at St Vincent’s Hospital and Monash University. The article in VICSERV’s quarterly journal looks at the impacts of a dual diagnosis package for staff called “The Reasons for Use Package” or RFUP.

Using a mentoring model, RFUP attempts to create a positive environment for staff and consumers where both can explore the interaction between the consumers’ mental health and substance use.

Nexus developed the package, and over 100 Neami staff in New South Wales and Victoria participated in a case-comparison trial. The research attempted to determine the efficacy of the package in changing the way community mental health services approach consumers experiencing dual diagnosis issues.

Neami Research Officer Sarah O’Connor, who co-wrote the newparadigm article, shared her thoughts, “it was wonderful to watch the progress made by Neami staff during the Reasons for Use training and mentoring process.  Staff knowledge and confidence increased significantly on some domains related to using dual diagnosis strategies with consumers.”

Reasons for Use is unique because as well as the importance of the mentoring model, staff using the model can go on and mentor their colleagues in using the package.

Congratulating the staff who participated in the trial Sarah concluded that “the potential for this model to be used by Neami staff to train and mentor other staff means that these positive outcomes are not limited to those staff who participated in the research project. Well done to all Neami staff who were involved!

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