Steps to Wellbeing offers individually tailored, short-term coaching sessions
New Steps to Wellbeing service offers low intensity support


Neami, with funding from the Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network, (EMPHN) recently launched a new program providing low-intensity mental health support for people living in Northern and Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne.

The program, called Steps to Wellbeing, offers individually tailored, short-term coaching sessions to help build resilience and wellbeing.

Neami Wellbeing Coaches work with consumers to identify early warning signs of stress, depression and anxiety and gain clarity about their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Wellbeing Coaches empower participants to discover strategies to manage stress, and draw on internal and external resources to improve wellbeing.

This is a new approach for Neami, with a historical focus on working with individuals that have complex needs and require high intensity mental health support.

The Steps to Wellbeing team consists of staff with both lived experience and Allied Health backgrounds. To provide flexibility, the service offers wellbeing coaching through individual sessions via face-to-face, phone and online video chat.

Steps to Wellbeing also offers group programs where people can work together with the support of the Wellbeing Coaches.

The program is available to people over the age of 18 who live in the North or East of Metropolitan Melbourne and are experiencing increased life stressors and noticing signs of anxiety and/or depression. Some of these might include low mood, feelings of being overwhelmed, low energy levels, feelings of hopelessness, nervousness and avoidance of social situations. Also, participants must not already be using a community or clinical mental health service.

GPs, friends, families and health care providers can make referrals to the service via the phone or an online enquiry form on the Steps to Wellbeing website.

Neami encourages referrals from people who identify as LGBTIQ, culturally and linguistically diverse, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, and refugees.

Note: Steps to Wellbeing was previously known as Low Intensity Psychological Support Service, or LIPSS.

For more information, contact Steps to Wellbeing Service Manager Kath Currey.

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