Innovation, connection and inspiration - Neami at TheMHS
Neami participation at TheMHS Conference in Auckland

Each year researchers, policy makers, practitioners, carers and consumers gather to discuss the latest evidence, innovations and changes in the mental health sector. This year’s theme was “People: authenticity starts in the heart”.

Sasha Eden, General Manager Corporate Services commented, “The conference was a rich experience with excellent keynote presentations”.

In addition to attending the conference, Neami staff gave the following presentations:

  • “The Reasons for Use Package: Development research and implementation lessons for the field.”
    • A package that supports the exploration of why people use a range of substances
    • Delivered by Sarah O'Connor (Project Officer), presenting with Simon Kroes and Kevan Myers (Nexus Dual Diagnosis), and Melissa Petrakis (St Vincents Melbourne)
  • “The right to work!” An innovative program that breaks down barriers to employment.
    • Exploring outcomes from the pilot implementation of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) approach in the community managed sector, to support people with mental illness into work.
    • Delivered by Peter Gianfrancesco (NSW State Manager), presenting with Philleen Dickson (WAAMH)
  • “Implementing a framework for recovery-oriented service delivery through a 'whole of organisation' transformational change approach.”
    • Delivered by Sasha Eden (General Manager Corporate Services), Tanya Miller (QLD State Manager) and Peter Gianfrancesco (NSW State Manager)
  • “Enacting a purposeful vision and mission through values-based culture and leadership.”
    • Delivered by Tanya Miller (QLD State Manager)
  • “Leadership through innovation and disruption.”
    • Delivered by Peter Gianfrancesco (NSW State Manager)
  • “Cross cultural collaboration creating new pathways: organisational and personal stories towards systemic change and healing.”
    • Delivered by Jamie Waring (Service Manager Wadamba Wilam) presenting with Sabin Fernbachern (NAMHS) and Tamara Lovett (Victorian Aboriginal Mental Health)

It was an exciting opportunity for networking and connection. “Neami had a small but notable presence.” – Jamie Waring, Service Manager Wadamba Wilam

For more information visit TheMHS website. Don’t forget to follow Neami on Facebook and Twitter.



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