Missy's recent positive experience
Missy's feedback about Neami's recent co-production initiative

Neami Brunswick conducted a site-level evaluation survey of the recent Victorian co-production initiative. For more information on the initiative, see this article.

Missy, a consumer who receives support from Neami Brunswick, was happy for us to share her response to the survey.

What was the workshop experience like for you?

“I enjoyed being involved, it made me feel of value and that my knowledge and experiences were useful to others. I was very interested in hearing from other consumers and had great discussions with all people involved.”

Did you feel as though your voice was heard and valued?

“I definitely felt heard and valued, it was a very empowering experience and I truly felt part of something bigger.”

What, if anything, did you find challenging about the process?

“I felt that if I knew more about background processes and Neami’s limitations, I could be more effective in my ideas and planning / thoughts.”

What did you find rewarding, or what did you enjoy, about the process?

“I enjoyed interacting with other consumers and found their input very rewarding. I appreciate that Neami staff have great values around supporting consumers to take the lead and work with them to reach the best possible outcomes. I loved having the opportunity to be paid for something I’m truly passionate about and it helped me with costs to also attend the voluntary sessions.

This process helped me feel important and has really helped lift my self-esteem and I now look forward to actively being in a vocational or employment role again in the wider community.”

Would you like to get involved in next year’s plan?

“I would love to be involved in next year’s plan, or anything that will further my skill set and help with co-production and co-facilitation.

Thanks to everyone who made this opportunity possible.”

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