Launching Mind the Weather 2015
Managing your health and wellbeing during hot weather

As the weather warms, it is important for consumers and staff to be vigilant of managing their physical health. The risk of heat illness and skin trauma (sunburn) increases significantly during the summer months.

Every individual living with mental illness is considered 'at-risk' of heat illness more so than the broader population.

A recent review of the Health Prompt data identified skin checks were the most prevalent unmet physical health area among consumers (75%) and staff (74%) ('Have you had your skin checked in the last year?').

It is with pleasure that we announce the launch of Mind the Weather 2015. The initiative is responding to the health risks identified via the delivery of basic health information and support to consumers.

Familiarise yourself with the 'Staying summer and skin smart' booklet and 'Managing your health and wellbeing during hot weather' resource (see below).

We also encourage everyone to discuss how they will support seek and provide support around these issues, especially in preparation for heat waves.

Let us all make an effort to promote and support preventative healthy behaviours among consumers and staff during hot weather.

For further information, direct any questions to the Health Promotion Champion at you nearest service or your State’s Health Promotion Officer.

Here's to a healthy summer!

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