Joint merger announcement from the June O’Connor Centre and Neami National CEO’s

On the 9th of December 2016, the June O’Connor Centre (JOC) and Neami National (Neami) announced a shared agreement to explore a merger between both organisations.

Following a full due diligence process both parties have decided to proceed with a merger and it has been agreed that JOC will become a part of Neami. Continuity of care to JOC clients will be maintained with current support staff.

This is an exciting opportunity and we understand that it may also be sensitive for some of our key stakeholders – particularly clients, their families, carers, and staff. Together, JOC and Neami will work to support clients, carers, and staff through the transition. As we progress through the process, both organisations will continue to provide regular updates.

The timing of this announcement coincides with the shared 30th anniversary of both organisations, and we are excited about aligning a combined 60 years of commitment to delivering high quality services. The Board of Directors and Leadership Teams of both organisations believe such a transition will be a terrific outcome for the improved sustainability of both organisations and for the breadth of opportunities this will open up to JOC clients, their families and the metropolitan Perth community.

Arthur Papakotsias
CEO, Neami National 

Dionne Goodgame
CEO, June O’Connor Centre

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