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Co-design process leads to new health promotion tool for young people

Neami’s Health Prompt is a questionnaire that helps establish whether consumers’ health needs are being met and identify areas they may like support with. A youth version of the Health Prompt has recently been developed through a co-design process with a number of staff and consumers based at our youth services in Victoria. The Youth Health Prompt will be offered to consumers of our service aged 25 years and younger.


Consumers and staff were involved in determining what was most useful to include in the health prompt as well as what could be omitted from the existing prompt. This process and research into current literature around the health needs of young people led to the addition of some new questions which were more youth specific.


The front cover of the Prompt features the artwork of one of the residents of the Hawthorn YRR, Emma. Entitled ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’, the artwork has been described by Emma as follows: “I expressed three parts that have been integral in my life and recovery. Body, mind and spirit. I incorporated other aspects. The elements, nature, the sky and a rainbow flag as they are relevant to connecting these three parts to each other and to the world beyond”.



For any further information on the Youth Health Prompt, feel free to contact the Innovation and Projects team at Head Office at .

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