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Clear Thinking - March 2015

 Mark and Kim talk about recovery

'Going back to any kind of school or training is something that I didn't think that I'd ever do again.' Read Mark and Kim's story.


Arthur's update - A changing landscape

Late last year, the National Mental Health Commission handed its review of programmes and services to the Federal Government and we are currently awaiting their response.

Neami sees this as an opportunity to ensure that evidence-driven, consumer-focused and cost-effective services are given the long-term financial support they need, taking into account an increasingly insecure funding environment and plans to transition to the NDIS.

At the same time, the Western Australian Government is in the midst of its own review of a ten-year plan covering mental health, alcohol and other drugs. The Draft Plan includes a welcome focus on community-based services as both a way of preventing the need for inpatient psychiatric services and as a complement to them.

On the east coast, the New South Wales Government is planning a major re-tendering of Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) services later this year. We are excited about the chance to showcase the outcomes we've seen through an approach to delivering HASI based on the Collaborative Recovery Model.

Finally, some of you will be aware that I have relocated to Perth where I will continue to oversee Neami's growth and development together with our National Leadership Team.

Best regards,

Arthur Papakotsias
CEO, Neami National



Our newest service launches in NSW

During 2014, the NSW Government carried out a comprehensive retendering of homelessness services across the state. They made major changes to services in a number of areas.

One change was the creation of a new service in Sydney’s south-west, the Macarthur Accommodation and Assistance Program (MAAP).

We work with single men and couples without children who are homeless and at risk of b

ecoming homeless to provide access to housing and a range of links with health, mental health, disability, youth, employment, training and other services.

It also focuses on creating strong links with the local Aboriginal community and in supporting vulnerable groups in the community, such as people leaving prison.

Neami Campbelltown Manager, Anne-Marie Cherote, said that MAAP would 'fills an important gap in local services by supporting people to find safe, secure and affordable accommodation and link in with the support services they need.'

Information on eligibility and referrals is available at or by calling 02 46 25 2966. 


Anthony and Richard working together

Exploring the use of the CRM across Neami

The introduction of the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM) as Neami National’s service delivery framework for improving recovery and wellbeing began in 2009.  

Last year Neami initiated a new research project: An Exploration of the Application of the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM).

Our commitment to evaluating and improving services meant it was important to take stock of whether our practice closely adheres to the guiding principles, therapeutic structure and LifeJet protocols of the CRM.  We wanted to know what is working well and where we can improve.

The University of Wollongong collaborated with us on the study.

The aim of the project was to assess whether the CRM was being delivered as intended by its designers (Implementation fidelity).

Measures were designed by the developers of CRM and adapted for use in this study after consultation with consumers and CRM Fidelity Study staff.

The project draws on a range of data sources including:

  • Online Staff Survey
  • Consumer Evaluation of CRM
  • Staff Evaluation of CRM
  • Documentary evidence  of LifeJet Protocol usage
  • Staff Interview Feedback

Researchers with a lived experience were an important part of the research team.

Results indicated that 80% of the time consumers rated the frequency by which they received services in line with the guiding principles and therapeutic structure of the CRM in the ‘usually’ or ‘always’ range.

Staff self-ratings in applying the same practices were similar to consumer ratings.

Neami has worked to embed the vital components of the CRM model within the culture, structure and practices of our organisation. The CRM research project forms part of an ongoing process to strengthen and maintain fidelity to the model.

Read the full report online.

'It's not just the support and guidance but the overall positive attitude and language used It helps me to understand where I am at, gives you someone to talk to, there is interaction that is productive.'

'It's given me the opportunity to think about things that I want to do in the future… and goals.'

'It allowed me to try things and move forward.'

This is one of five reports from the CRM fidelity study. We will be publishing the upcoming reports on our website or you can contact for further information.


Proud to be Neami

Staff and consumers in Western Australia and Victoria have taken part in local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer pride marches in support of an fair and inclusive community for all of us

Neami Western Australia were the first to step out in December last year with a strong showing in PrideFest 2014 that included staff, consumers, friends and family members.

Neami Victoria took their lead by signing up for Pride March Victoria, which took place at the end of January 2015. Once again, participation included staff, consumers, friends and family.

Neami CEO, Arthur Papakotsias, said 'We work in local communities across Australia, supporting people experiencing mental illness to live full and meaningful lives based on their personal values, strengths and goals.

'We embrace diversity in our staff and consumer groups and acknowledge the negative impacts of discrimination and prejudice on the mental health of sex and gender diverse Australians.’

Earlier this year, Neami signed up as a supporter to the No to Homophobia Campaign and is currently undertaking a project looking at the quality of our responsiveness to diversity in a range of areas, including sex and gender identity.



Career opportunity - Service Manager, Neami Ashfield

The Service Manager is responsible for the establishment, ongoing management and further development of services in inner-west Sydney. 

They will work collaboratively with partners and consumers to improve the qualiy and responsiveness of our services. The successful applicant will also play a key role in service development, including ongoing evaluation and review of service outcomes.

Apply online


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